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Birmingham Attorney Henry Lagman


Henry Lagman is an active trial attorney with concentrations in areas of domestic relations, criminal practice, bankruptcy and DUI defense. He has over 35 years experience in many areas of the legal profession. You can benefit by his sensible approach to your legal problems. Read More..


So you don’t want a divorce. What do you do? Well after you cry, and you plead, you may still be facing the inevitable. If a divorce may be in your future, making the right choices will help you understand your plite. Depending on what the problems are, a different perspective may help you resolve your marital issues. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it are important considerations in making your next move. Read More...


Bankruptcy is society’s way of responding to the need for some people who owe money to pay their debts. There are two goals in bankruptcy. The first is provide the debtor with a fresh start and second is to provide creditors with a fair and equitable way to receive payment. There are two types of relief which effect the individual -Chapter 7 liquidation and Chapter 13 reorganization.


I am a birth father and an adoptive father. Perhaps this gives me a unique position on how adoptions work. In my personal and professional life I have been on just about every side of an adoption. As a birth parent I know the joys and tribulations of raising a child from the natural process. I know how difficult it would be to giveup a child. I also know the anxiety which comes from an adoption.  Read More.....


A tenant has rights under the Landlord-Tenant Act of which you might not be aware.  There are things you need to know on what you need to do before it is too late. If eviction is a possibility you may need to call me.  I have had success in defending eviction actions. In one particular case I kept a tenant in possession for 10 months- through five (5) separate eviction proceedings and while the landlord had three different attorneys.  The rent was $2500 dollars per month so you know that the landload had real heartburn by the time the landlord had possession of the property.  In the above illustration, the renter ultimately chose bankruptcy. The final result - the landlord was completely without recourse to collect the the attorney's fees the landlord paid to get possession of the property or the twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars in unpaid rent.  Read More.....

Driving Under the Influence

A Driving Under the Influence is a serious criminal charge. You can be imprisoned for up to a year on the first offense. That is why I have taken specialized training in Driving Under the Influence defense over my extensive legal career. It is important to have someone to represent you who is an experienced criminal defense attorney. One who knows what it takes to win and will work vigorously to resolve the charges.  You may be subject to serious possible legal and financial consequences. Read More....

Domestic Violence

It might surprise you as to how broadly  Domestic Violence is interpreted and what a low threshold exists to make the slightest provocation punishable by the law.  Any violence made against another who is or was involved in a past or present romantic relationship with another can be prosecuted.

That is is broad. But simply put- under Alabama law, any violence,  directed at another could qualify as domestic violence.  
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Criminal Law

Many lawyers do not know how to win the case that on the surface appears to be un-winnable. This is the difference between those lawyers who think they know how to win and those that do. There is no case that is un-winnable. The O.J. Simpson case and the Casey Anthony case were not winnable at first glance. However, both were won. Does the lawyer you are considering hiring know the "how and why" that resulted in these acquittals?   
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Wills and Probate

There can be many issues involving Probate Law. Whether you need to probate an estate, litigate a claim in an estate or make sure that you have a proper Last Will and Testament you may need to come talk to me. Making a will is the only way that you can be assured that your estate will go to the people you love.  
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Attorney Bio

Henry Lagman is an active trial attorney with concentration in areas of domestic relations, criminal practice, bankruptcy and DUI defense. He has over 35 years experience in many areas of the legal profession. You can benefit by his sensible approach to your legal problems. He believes that his client should have and can bring insight to their own cases. Organizing the facts and the law only part of what an attorney does. The goal is to have you prepared to meet this legal challenges you face. Your legal problems may have you confused and fearful of the consequences of the actions you may take. Henry Lagman has received his experience over 35 years "in the trenches". He has been a former president of the Shelby County Bar Association and a featured speaker at the Alabama criminal lawyers Association – "A Day with the Experts". He has been respected and acknowledged by his peers throughout his career.

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