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Driver’s License Suspension

Driver’s License Suspension


Being arrested and charged with a DUI does not allow you much time. In fact, time is not on your side. You need to act quickly and seek out competent counsel who can assist you with all the legal ramifications associated with this serious criminal charge.


A Summary of why Driver’s License Suspension can be happen when you receive a DUI


You only have a limited amount of time to contest being charged with a DUI. You must act within 10 days of being charged. Unless you act quickly your license will be automatically suspended for 90 days- even for a first time DUI. This suspension is separate from the criminal charges of a DUI and can have far greater repercussions than even the DUI. This is something of which that most people are unaware.


I know how important the ability to drive is in our modern society. Not having a driver’s license often means that you can’t get to work or run the risk of compounding the present DUI charge with additional charges of Driving While Suspended. I handle every facet of you DUI Charges, including the administrative hearing which accompanies every DUI case. Contact me immediately so you can make sure that your rights and freedom are protected. You can be allowed to drive. You must act quickly.


It is important to have an Attorney you knows DUI Defense.


I have been a member of the National College of DUI Defense. This is the leading professional college regarding representing those charged with DUI. I have had extensive training and experience in defending those charged with DUI. It is important to have an attorney who knows the DUI laws and has extensive trial practice in dealing with these charges.


The suspension of your driver’s license will occur automatically. Even if you are not convicted of a Driving Under the Influence unless you take immediate action to request a pre-suspension hearing by an administrative hearing this suspension will take place. You only have 10 days from the date of the arrest to make this demand upon the State of Alabama. Contact me immediately so I can make sure that your license is not suspended and your ability to drive is not impaired.


At the time of your arrest you were issued an AST-60. This was in addition to the the ticket you received from the officer. This form is an 8 1/2″ by 11″ yellow sheet of paper and is designed by the state to serve as your driver’s license for a period of 45 days from the date of your arrest. Unless you request an administrative hearing within 10 days of your arrest your license will be suspended and if you drive without a license after the 45 day period granted you by the AST-60 you run the risk of being charged again with a separate offense of driving while suspended. This will only complicate your situation with further fines and costs.


You have to act immediately to keep the suspension from occurring. This can happen even if you are ultimately found not guilty of the driving under the influence charge. You must act now to contest the suspension of your driver’s license or else lose the ability to drive.


Alabama law does not grant a “temporary” driver’s license. In other words if you are stopped by law enforcement for any reason and do not have a valid license you will be issued another citation not only for the traffic stop (if there is a violation) but also for the charge of driving while license suspended. This can result in mandatory jail time. This suspension will be added to the suspension time already incurred. This extension of time can be be accumulated in such a manner as to put you in a spiral from which you may have a difficult time recovering.


I am very familiar with defending Driving Under the Influence charges I have obtain numerous acquitals. Making this demand for an administrative hearing immediately is extremely important as the State of Alabama holds that driving is a privilege and not a right.


I can not stress how important making an appointment with me to discuss your case. I have participated in many driver’s license administrative hearings and can determine what is the best defense to take in handling your Driving Under the Influence.


Often the best course is to appeal the suspension ruling by the Department of Public Safety  This will involve filing a separate case in the civil court to prohibit the state’s action. You will need to have a resolution of these legal matters in a way most favorable.


I have 30 years of experience in handling Driving Under the Influence cases and driver’s license administrative hearings. This allows me to prepare a suitable defense for both the criminal trial of your driving under the influence case and the civil action which might be necessary to protect you legal interests and your driver’s license.


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Driving Under the Influence or DUI


A Driving Under the Influence or DUI is a serious criminal charge. You can be imprisoned for up to a year on the first offense. That is why I have taken specialized training in Driving Under the Influence defense over my extensive legal career. It is important to have someone to represent you who is an experienced criminal defense attorney. One who knows what it takes to win and will work vigorously to resolve the charges. You may be subject to serious possible legal and financial consequences. As an experienced Alabama DUI Attorney I know how to defend the most difficult of Driving under the Influence cases.


I have been a member of the National College of Driving Under the Influence defense. This is the most prestigious professional organization associated with the driving under the influence defense in the legal profession. Members of this organization receive highly specialize training from national recognized leaders.This college sponsors teaching and learning opportunities not just from nationally ranked attorneys, but also from technical leaders, professors and thinkers in the field of Driving Under the Influence defense. With only a phone call I can talk on a first name basis with many national Driving Under the Influence experts across the nation. I have handled many difficult Driving Under the Influence cases.


For example:


In Jefferson County, Alabama a police officer was charged with a Driving Under the Influence by a State Trooper. The jury was out an hour and 15 minutes before coming back with a not guilty verdict.


In Lee County, Alabama, a Driving Under the Influence case was dismissed after 56 of 58 jurors were disqualified when I asked them only one question. In the retrial of the case before the same judge I disqualified nine of 40 jurors for “cause”. After one day of trial the case was dismissed by the prosecution with the payment of court costs. I make the prosecution work.  Making them work means they know I mean business.


There are others, but these are just two of the most unusual Driving Under the Influence cases I’ve handle in my career. I’m not afraid to go in to battle for my clients and will go throughout the United States to handle my clients interest. I will fight aggressively to defend your rights and your best interest. I know how to handle complex legal and scientific issues in every Driving Under the Influence case.


If you are being charged with a Driving Under the Influence, it is not the only thing you have to worry about. You must also be concerned about losing your driver’s license. There are direct consequences for not requesting an administrative hearing when charged with Driving Under the Influence. If you are convicted of a Driving Under the Influence, even the first-time offenders can have their driver’s license suspended for 90 days under the Alabama Driving Under the Influence statute. This 90 day time limit will be extended for longer periods if there have been prior Driving Under the Influences.


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My office is conveniently located just off Interstate 65 in North Shelby County. Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, with weekends and evenings by appointment. You don’t have much time before your driver’s license is suspended. Determine your best course of action today by calling me for a free initial consultation at 205–987–2005. You can also contact me through this website.