Keeping Your Marriage


So you don’t want a divorce. What do you do? Well after you cry, and you plea, you may still be facing the inevitable. Facing the inevitable doesn’t mean you can’t use the legal system to help your spouse reconsider splitting your home. It may still keep your marriage together if handled properly.



Depending on what the problems are, a different perspective may help you resolve your marriage. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it are as important as doing it.




If divorce is in your future, making the right choices will also help you start over. This may be your first, second or even third divorce, but we have seen hundreds, if not thousands of couples through this difficult event. Our goal is not to keep you on the merry-go-round without proper advice, but should you decide to jump to help you land in such a way that you are on your feet or at least be in position to stand up without being too badly bruised.



It is a sad fact of American life that you can’t keep someone married to you. If they want out there is not not much you can do. But there is a way to make sure that the decision is considered, well reasoned, and fair. This is where experience pays off.