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The Black Arts Course

The Black Arts of Persuasion
Learn the Black Arts of Persuasion. Never be afraid of bad facts again. Learn what was never taught in law school. These arts are Black because they were black listed in the legal community. Ever wonder why lawyers have difficulty in communication with the average person. Learn here you will never think the same again about bad facts which could destroy your argument.
Module 1 The Black Arts
This module takes you on a journey into the "Black Arts of Persuasion." Learn how to deal with bad facts and why you are tuned to the wrong tactics in communication.
Unit 1 1 Introduction To the Black Arts*
Unit 2 2 Black Art Rule- Facts Have No Importance *
Unit 3 3 How I Came to Understand *
Unit 4 4 Changing Bad Facts with the Black Arts*
Unit 5 5 Influence and the Black Arts *
Unit 6 6 Black Arts Storytelling and the Narrative*
Unit 7 7 Black Arts Approach to Persuasion *
Module 2 The Second Stage of Black Arts - Moving Your Listener
In this Module learn to transition your listener from passive decision maker to active believer.
Unit 1 12 Problems with Stories*
Unit 2 13 Outline Tools- Story Cards*
Unit 3 24 The Traditional Concept of Story versus Persuasion.
Unit 4 11 The Story Triangle- The Teller
Unit 5 8 The Fluid Program-Using Invention
Unit 6 9 What Is Not Being Said
Unit 7 10 Emergent Storylines
Module 3 Practicing the Black Arts
This is a Short Return to the Roots of the Black Arts
Unit 1 14 Practicing A Story *
Unit 2 15 The Tactics of Storytelling *
Unit 3 16 Channeling Ideas *
Unit 4 17 Oblique Language
Unit 5 21 Idea Message
Unit 6 18 Preventing Idea Remorse*
Module 4 Working with Ideas
Learn how to use Ideas instead of Facts to Persuade
Unit 1 22 Build Unshakable Credibility
Unit 2 23 Noting the Idea
Unit 3 25 The Listener Reading
Unit 4 26 Influencing Difficult People through Story
Unit 5 36 Story Definitions
Unit 6 27 The Story Triangle- The Listener
Unit 7 28 Accessing "Common Sense"
Unit 8 29 Why Use Story instead of Facts?
Unit 9 31 Impact of Storytelling on the Listener
Unit 10 32 Stories which are not effective Communication
Unit 11 33 Storytelling and the Narrative
Unit 12 34 A Writer's Secret
Unit 13 35 Storytelling and Metaphor
Module 5 Using Ideas Strategically
Using Ideas Strategically. Learn schemes to promote ideas to counter bad facts.
Unit 1 39 The Proposition of Ideas
Unit 2 45 Listener Story Interpretation
Unit 3 49 Presentation Pointers for Winning
Unit 4 47 Only Four Major Plots
Unit 5 46 Social Drama and Storylines
Unit 6 44 Learning the Plot- The Search for Dramatic Logic
Unit 7 43 Delivery Performance Anxiety Excitement and Fear Readiness
Unit 8 42 The Goals of Rhetoric and Storytelling
Unit 9 38 The Importance of Law and Ideas
Unit 10 41 Truth and “Theory of Manifold Probablities.
Unit 11 37 The Trouble with Facts
Unit 12 40 The Parable of Truth- A Teaching Story
Module 6 Taking Your Seat in the Jury Box
Learn how to take you seat in the Jury Box.
Unit 1 50 Planning your Narrative
Unit 2 51 Storyteller Dos and Don'ts
Unit 3 52 Ten Situations Where Facts are inferior to Narrative
Unit 4 53 Story's Psychological Influence
Unit 5 54 Taking your seat in the Jurybox-Where is the Plot? Learning the Plot
Unit 6 55 Quotes -Commonplaces for the Courtroom
Unit 7 57 Works Cited
Module 7 A Persuasion Primer
Step back and learn the Ancient Roots of Persuasion
Unit 1 4 A Short History of Rhetoric
Unit 2 3 The Canons of Rhetoric
Unit 3 7 The Most Important Thing- (MIT)
Unit 4 6 The Story Triangle
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